A new boss for the insurance division of Belfius

Frédéric Van der Schueren, current CFO of Belfius Insurance, has been chosen to take the reins of the insurance subsidiary of Belfius

Frédéric Van der Schueren will therefore be the new strongman of Belfius’ insurance division. Current financial director of the entity, he takes up the torch of Dirk Vanderschrick.

The Board of Directors says it chose Frédéric Van der Schueren for his skills and with the aim of “maximizing the growth potential of bancassurance, in particular by strengthening the partnership between bank-insurance.”

This appointment, which remains subject to the approval of the supervisory authoritiesis in no way a political choice, we insist at Belfius.

The State is, in fact, a shareholder in the group, but the appointments of the insurance division, as a subsidiary, are internal choicesvalidated by the Boards of Directors of Belfius Insurance and Belfius Bank.

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