A network of hackers steals cryptocurrency from iPhone and Android

news material A network of hackers steals cryptocurrency from iPhone and Android

Cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of them and the importance they take is growing continuously. With this success comes hackers who manage to blend in with the masses to steal funds with impunity.

An app network that steals your cryptos

ESET, an IT security and protection research company, has managed to pinpoint a cryptocurrency theft campaign hitting many Chinese users.

Hackers’ technique is to replicate an identical version of crypto wallet sites, and let victims fill in their personal data. Child’s play to seize their precious “coins”.

Ads that we see on official platforms (Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc.) lead to “copy” sites, and invite you to download an application that fully incorporates the design and functionalities so that an average user does not see nothing but fire. Facebook and Telegram are used to recruit the people responsible for spreading its counterfeits.

A danger on both iPhone and Android

Android devices remain the number one target because it is very easy to download applications directly from the web. The Apple App Store does not allow this capability for iPhones and iPads. 13 pirate apps have even been detected and removed directly from the Google Play Store.

Nevertheless, iOS users have still been trapped, because of configuration profiles. It is a certificate with several defined parameters that one obtains most of the time by joining a school or a company. Here, the fake websites shared these profiles and allowed victims on iPhones to download the malicious app.

Only China seems to be affected so far, but be careful what you click on and what apps you download. It is very likely that other ill-intentioned networks are swarming everywhere to take advantage of the rise of the virtual currency market.

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