A millionaire wants to become a senator to ban self-driving Tesla cars

Every once in a while, really unusual news pops up in the tech world. And it’s not just products, like weird gadgets with ridiculous features, because these news also go through unusual, fun and extremely unique situations.

So the latest information concerns Dan O’Dowd, an American millionaire who now wants to become a senator so he can ban Tesla’s self-driving cars. Furthermore, the candidate also wants to make computers safer for mankind.

A millionaire wants to be a senator to ban self-driving cars from Tesla

If, on the one hand, the automotive market is increasingly striving to modernize and automate vehicles, on the other hand, there are those who do not agree with this innovation and therefore try to l prevent it from happening.

And that’s what’s happening right now in the election campaign of Dan O’Down, an American millionaire who wants to become a senator to ban Tesla’s self-driving cars. The candidate, who heads the companies The Dawn Project and Green Hills Software, is causing controversy with his electoral program as he intends to eradicate Full Self-Driving, the automatic piloting software present in several vehicles.

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According to his profile on the social network Twitter, Dan O’Down says he wants to take action against ” Elon Musk’s brazen implementation with his dangerous self-driving cars produced by Tesla » and even ” make computers safer for mankind“.

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Candidate Dan O’Down Mission (via)

As we can see, Dan O’Down’s tweet is accompanied by a somewhat alarmist video that shows some of the possible dangers of Tesla’s self-driving system. According to the campaign, these are real-life scenes and situations where Elon Musk’s cars exhibit various failures, even when the driver tries to adjust the steering manually.

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Campaign wants to make roads safer by banning self-driving Tesla cars (via)

On the campaign’s official website, you can read more details about O’Down’s intentions, noting that this same video will be shown during his campaign.

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