a major competitor arrives in Europe

When we talk about the electric car market in France, it’s hard not to mention the American giant Tesla. Even though the American group is not the undisputed leader that we imagine (last month, it was the small electric Fiat 500 that created the surprise), Tesla is a key player in the premium electric market… but the latter will be challenged by a compatriot: Lucid Motors.

Lucid Motors is coming to Europe!

The American start-up Lucid Air is starting its major European offensive, with the opening of a first physical point of sale, near Munich in Germany. Obviously, over the weeks, the firm wishes to expand within the main countries, with in particular Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland or even Monaco with the firm ambition of quickly establish itself as a key player in the market. This will notably involve the arrival of the Lucid Air sedan here, which aims to compete directly with a certain Tesla Model S.

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The press release from the American company, listed on the stock exchange since last year, does not mention France, however, and it will therefore probably be necessary to know how to be patient before finally being able to enter a Lucid Motors dealership here.

For its arrival on European soil, Lucid Motors will launch a version “Dream Edition” of its Lucid Air, which is currently its one and only model available. A specific version, with various options, and which houses an electric motor with a power equivalent to 1,111 hp, enough to perform the 0 to 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds. However, expect more than €200,000 to get your hands on this “Dream Edition” model, compared to around €100,000 for the “basic” models.

An overpowered Lucid Air therefore, but which does not necessarily ignore autonomy, since the manufacturer promises around 800 km of driving on a single charge for the high-end models, and around 650 km for the model entry level.

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