A first case of monkeypox in Centre-Val de Loire detected at the CHR d’Orléans

The sample sent to the Orleans CHR was sent to Rouen, a reference center, which validated the result on Tuesday May 31, confirmed Dr Thierry Prazuck, head of the infectious diseases department at the Orleans hospital.

Thirty-three confirmed cases in France, a “very rapid” evolution

No hospitalization in Orléans but isolation

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The patient was not hospitalized in Orleans. He must remain in isolation at home for 21 days. In the meantime, his possible contact cases are being sought to prevent any spread of the virus.

What we know about the virus

Pimples and fever as symptoms

Monkey pox cases detected in France until now have been generally transmitted by men having sex with multiple male partners“but nothing says that it cannot happen with heterosexual relations”, warns the specialist doctor from Orleans.

Symptoms are usually fever and pimples reminiscent of those produced by chickenpox appearing on the face and hands.

Monkey pox: the High Health Authority recommends vaccinating contact cases

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