A dog driving a Tesla: Autopilot hijackings are always more stupid and dangerous

The owner of a Tesla Model X found it entertaining to trick Autopilot by putting a dog in the driver’s seat. This is not only stupid, but extremely dangerous.

Is there a contest among some Tesla car owners to decide who has the dumbest use of Autopilot? In a video published in the columns of Electrek on December 14 (which we will not share), we witness a revolting sequence: we can see a dog installed in the driver’s seat of a rolling Model X… alone.

This is obviously yet another diversion of the technologies developed by Tesla which will lead to autonomous driving. They normally require constant vigilance, in order to be able to regain control if things go wrong. Suffice to say that nothing is right in the video: not only is there no one to prevent a possible tragedy but, as a bonus, it is a case of animal abuse.

A Tesla car owner found it entertaining to put his dog in danger // Source: Electrek

Some Tesla Owners Are Really Stupid

Electrek was able to speak with Blake Messick, the man who filmed and shared the scene. The person concerned is a (small) YouTuber obviously specialized in videos with dubious humor (and who needs subscribers). His words are strange. Rather judge: I was riding with a friend on a road in Texas when I saw him. At first it just looked like a dog sitting on the driver’s lap, but my friend told me there was no driver. So, of course, I started filming out of interest (…). I posted the video on the internet and I did not expect it to be so publicized. At no time does he express empathy for the dog or mention the dangerousness of what he witnessed. His only reaction during the video? Stupidly ask the animal where its owner is.

If we can wonder about his involvement, Blake Messick considers to be the victim of a hoax: “ A lot of my friends make videos for a living, and I think one of them did this for a project and targeted me for a joke. “The most observant will notice, however, that the video starts on a plan showing his shoe where it is written: “Sub 2 Blake” (either subscribe to Blake’s channel). It is therefore difficult not to see in this affair a deplorable staging aimed at attracting views.

It’s, in the end, more proof that Autopilot really can be dangerous when it’s in the hands of misguided people – and that the security flaps to keep them out of harm’s way are still too fallible. Note that Frederic Lambert, editor-in-chief of Electrek, took the liberty of contacting the police to denounce this wrongdoing.

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