A Banque Assurance professional university license opens at Simone-Weil high school

A new Banque Assurance university professional license will open in September 2022 at the Simone-Weil high school in Puy-en-Velay.

Driven by retirements and a growing need for high-value services, the French banking sector is dynamic in terms of employment. Despite this favorable context, applications are not necessarily forthcoming. And the Haute Loire is no exception to the rule. The directors of human resources of the banks estimate that each year about twenty apprentices could be recruited among the bac+2 students trained in the high schools of the department.

Ideally integrated with a tertiary bac+2 training, the Banque Assurance professional license allows you to validate a bac + 3 diploma which promotes very rapid integration into the job market. Operating on the principle of alternation, it offers immediate immersion in the world of work.

Educational content created by the profession

This training, developed in collaboration with the training organization for the professional branch, the Ecole Supérieure de la Banque / CFPB, allows us to stick as closely as possible to the expectations of the field in terms of professional skills and development of the profession.

The skills assessment strategy is based on a dual approach: professional training provided by bankers and university training provided by teachers from Clermont Auvergne University and teachers from the Simone-Weil high school.

Linked training

At the request of establishments in the banking sector, the work-study program is set up every two weeks, two weeks of lessons on the basis of 35 hours each, then two weeks in the company.

The prerequisites for integrating this new training?

Recruitment is done at bac +2 with profiles from the second year license in the field of Law – Economics Management, BTS Banking, BTS Insurance, DEUST Banks and provident organizations, BTS Management of Commercial Units (MUC), BTS Negotiation Customer Relations ( NRC) or even Tertiary Sector Orientation DUT (DUT TC, DUT GEA, Others).


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