A 19-year-old hacker claims to have controlled 25 Teslas around the world

David Colombo could have created major problems for Elon Musk’s Tesla company. This young 19-year-old hacker explained that he had succeeded in taking control of 25 cars of the brand in 13 different countries, reports the Auto-Moto site. Already in May 2021, two engineers had managed to infiltrate the Tesla Model X via a drone, to open the doors and move the seats. But the duo had failed to fully control the vehicle. This time, David Colombo has probably succeeded.

The latter claims to have detected a flaw in the software of the car. He was thus able to open all the doors and windows remotely, start the Tesla and deactivate the entire safety mechanism. Which, for the brand, appears to be extremely disturbing and worrying. The hacker also argues that he is able to tell if someone is present in the vehicle in the driver’s seat, and can also play with music and lights at any convenience.

Auto-Moto explains that the omnipresence of computers and technologies in modern cars, in particular of the Tesla brand, make these cars ultra-connected, in particular through applications.

Thus, for these, the risk of piracy is particularly increased. David Colombo nevertheless did not use his skills and his discovery for illegal or dangerous purposes. The young man claims to have contacted Tesla to help them solve the problem. Since then, the two parties have been working together.

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