938,000 euros stolen from life insurance

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The criminals used the well-known technique of “phishing” to recover the access codes of holders of Maif, Generali, Allianz and SwissLife contracts.

It was during a hearing for a request for the release of a man in pre-trial detention that The New Republic discovered a case of theft of funds from life insurance dating back to 2017. This gentleman who wants to get out of prison while awaiting his judgment would have been part of a network of criminals based in Val-d’Oise and Vienne who stole €938,000 from Maif, Generali, Allianz and Swiss Life contracts. But the damage could have been much higher since the attempted diversion involved a total of 2.6 million euros.

The modus operandi couldn’t be simpler: phishing. The technique consists of sending an e-mail to an insured person pretending to be an adviser in order to ask him for his access codes. The thieves then transferred the funds to the “mule” accounts before finally recovering them. Investigators stumbled upon this scam almost by accident, as they were initially following a trail of fake gift vouchers. The court finally decided to keep the defendant in detention.

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