7 simple tips to follow to alleviate the symptoms

Steps to ease the symptoms of BPH

Scientists indicate that these measures help alleviate the symptoms of BPH. First, avoid liquids a few hours before going to bed or before going out. It is a matter of common sense. Second tip: limit caffeine and alcohol, as they can stimulate the urge to urinate. In addition, it is recommended to eat low in fat.

Also note that it is advisable to eat a variety of vegetables on a daily basis. Doctors also advise eating portions of fruit daily, and include citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon). It is also important to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity during the week. It is advisable to maintain a healthy weight.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

The function of total protein in the diet and its link to BPH is rather unclear. Studies have indicated a significant risk of BPH in men who eat a lot of red meat. But other scientific studies have shown a lower risk of BPH in men with a high protein intake. In particular, protein intake from leaner forms like fish.

Hypertrophy: The result? Healthy habits like regular exercise, watching height, eating vegetables and fruits, and watching fat can help fight BPH and lower the risk of erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and heart disease. . Do not hesitate to go running, it is an activity that is accessible to all. Joining a gym is also a good option.

Indeed, with a subscription, it is possible to go in an unlimited way in this place and to use machines. It is possible to work all parts of the body. Otherwise, walking is also a great option. We can leave for a few hours and thus exercise.

Hypertrophy: health, a major concern of the French

Throughout the year, Objeko offers you, through multiple articles, practical advice in the field of health. The purpose of all writing is to give you practical advice. It must be said that health is a key concern of French men and women. In France, patients can benefit from social security.

Hypertrophy: This is a solidarity device that allows everyone to be treated at a lower cost. The poorest have the CMU: universal health coverage, which allows you to pay nothing to the doctor. But, some precarious people no longer manage to take care of themselves in a correct way concerning glasses or teeth. There are also associative structures such as the Red Cross which work on this subject. In recent years, with the growth of precariousness, the use of associations is increasingly strong and this should not get better with the rise in inflation.

Unfortunately, in recent times, the number of doctors has decreased. This is also the case for specialists. In France, there are many medical deserts. The French men and women who live in villages are obliged to travel many kilometers to find a specialist. Moreover, the famous numerus clausus concerning medical students has been relaxed to allow more doctors to be recruited. It was a real emergency. Especially since life expectancy is only increasing and there are more and more elderly people. The question of retirement homes is also a key subject.

Hypertrophy: This is a theme that has stirred the presidential campaign a lot. The various candidates have proposed solutions to solve this really thorny subject. Another complex subject to resolve is that of pensions. Some presidential candidates have proposed to push back the retirement age, this is the case of Emmanuel Macron who has just been re-elected.

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