63 percent of French people are ready to sacrifice part of the performance of their investments if the financial projects fight against global warming (by RiskAssur published by FRANOL Services)

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63% of French people ready to sacrifice part of the performance of their investments if the projects financed fight against global warming

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On the occasion of the Change Now Summit – which is being held from May 19 to 21 in Paris – the firm Wavestone unveils the results of a study on “climate change and the expectations of individuals vis-à-vis banks and insurance? “. The main observation: a large majority of individual customers feel concerned by the fight against climate change (81% of respondents) and expect banks and insurance companies to also contribute (72%). Today, customers are more willing to make financial sacrifices when they feel that their efforts and investments are having a direct, concrete and measurable impact on the environment.

Study methodology
Online survey administered by the Kantar polling institute, conducted over a period of 3 days in February 2022, among 300 people representative of French society, and broken down by gender, age groups and socio-professional categories:
– 52% women and 48% men
– 36% CSP+, 40% CSP- and 24% inactive
– 14% of 18-24 years old, 20% of 25-34, 21% of 35-44, 23% of 45-54 and 23% of 55-65
The survey is divided into 8 targeted questions aimed at measuring:
– French people’s sensitivity to climate change
– Their expectations vis-à-vis banks and insurance companies on the subject
– Their knowledge of green products and devices

The main trends of the study:
Clients concerned by climate change, aware of the role that financial players have to play and taking into account the environmental impact in their subscription selection criteria
– 72% of the panel believe that banks and insurance companies have a role to play in the fight against global warming.
– 66% of people questioned consider that the environmental impact is an important criterion in the choice to subscribe to a financial product.

An indisputable attraction for green products
– 63% of people questioned say they are ready to sacrifice the performance of their investments if they were directed towards projects promoting the fight against global warming.
– 48% (you have read 46%, 54% of this article remains to be read.)

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