500 terminals within 3 years!

Tesla Mag had already informed you of the level of motivation of Le Havre, the city whose mayor is Edouard Philippe, the former Prime Minister, and of its metropolis in terms of the development of electric mobility. Further proof of this was provided this week, with the announcement of the installation of more than 500 charging stations throughout the territory, within 3 years. A goal that lives up to the ambitions of a mayor whose political movement has been baptized “Horizon”, perhaps to encourage people to look further…

In a press release sent to Tesla Mag on Thursday by Le Havre Seine Métropole, it is clearly stated that “meeting in Community Council on March 31, the elected officials of Le Havre Seine Métropole voted in favor of the offer of Ubitricity Shell Recharge for the deployment of vehicle charging stations. This vote follows the AMIC (Competitive call for expressions of interest) launched last July and intended to support the growing use of this mode of transport.

“One of the essential conditions for the development of electric mobility is to allow everyone to use refueling points. The Urban Community must play a leadership role. This decision reflects our desire to rapidly increase the supply of charging stations throughout the territory of the Urban Community”, underlines Edouard Philippe, President of the Urban Community and Mayor of Le Havre, in this text.


The Urban Community has been committed for several years to developing the use of electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles. Thanks to this AMIC, the territory will benefit from the installation of 534 electric vehicle charging infrastructures (IRVE), including at least 2 terminals per municipality. The exact location of these terminals will be decided with each municipality.


The designated operator, Ubitricity Shell Recharge, undertakes to install the 534 IRVEs by the end of 2024. As of this summer, it will replace the 22 existing terminals belonging to the Urban Community. By the summer of 2023, it will have installed 370 charging points, before reaching 534 by the end of the following year.


The majority of terminals will have a power of 22 kw and will be intended for charging in residential or home-work parking lots. In addition, 60 high-power charging points (150 kw) will also be installed, for short-term use, intended in particular for tourists. The terminals will all be accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM), suitable for all vehicles and will allow payments by credit card or mobile phone.

The list of 60 high-power charging points:
16 in Le Havre, 16 in Montivilliers, 12 in Etretat, 2 in Octeville-sur-mer, 6 in Criquetot-L’Esneval, 6 in Harfleur, 2 in Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc.


Only charging will be charged at 39 cents/kwh for 22kw terminals and 56 cents/kwh for high-power charging terminals. To facilitate access to this new service, after reloading, users will have to pay 9 to 12 cents per minute of additional parking. Specific parking pricing will remain the responsibility of the municipality: thus, free on-street parking for electric vehicles in Le Havre will still be in effect.

So this is an ambitious plan that will set an example to follow for many other cities and metropolises in France that have not yet positioned themselves. At Tesla Mag, we will continue to highlight and make visible all the initiatives in this area, regardless of the city, the political color of its mayor and the name of the operator responsible for installing the terminals and then managing them. …

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