500 euros in aid to switch to superethanol

The Île-de-France region will offer financial aid of 500 euros to drivers in the Ile-de-France who wish to convert their vehicle to bioethanol.

Aid that intervenes in a context of rising gasoline prices

It is a measure which was to mark the return of Valérie Pécresse at the head of the Ile-de-France region, after her failure in the presidential election. Only a few days after its announcement, it was voted on May 19: it is a financial aid of 500 euros for motorists wishing to convert their vehicle to E85 bioethanol, on the model of what already exists in the Grand Est, Hauts-de-France and PACA regions.

In the context of a rise in fuel prices, this subsidy appears as a desire to improve the purchasing power of Ile-de-France residents. Since mid-April, and despite the rebate of 18 cents from the government, prices have indeed tended to rise to come close to the two euros per literespecially in Paris.

It is indeed in the department of the capital that prices at the pump are the highest this week: 2.22 euros for the SP95 and 2.28 euros for the SP98. Only diesel (1.97 euro) remains more expensive on average in Corsica (1.99 euro).

Faced with this inflation of prices in service stations, recurring since the start of the last school year, motorists are looking for solutions to find the cheapest gasoline (in particular thanks to applications and sites). Others make the choice of more engaging changes, such as switching to a vehicle that consumes less fuel, or converting their petrol car to superethanol.

This change consists of install a superethanol conversion box (which remains impossible for diesel vehicles). In general, the average price of an enclosure is around 150 euro, but you also have to count the pause. In total, the bill is between 400 and 1,400 euros (600 euros on average).

A significant initial investment, but which could therefore be partly covered by the aid. Above all, after this bet, the fuel economy is not negligible, since per litre, superethanol E85 (composed partly of plants) is currently around 80 euro centsa difference of more than one euro with the SP95 and the SP98.


What does superethanol represent in France?

It is difficult to say at present what the phenomenon of conversion to superethanol represents in France in quantitative terms, but according to the Collective of bioethanol, a growing number of motorists would be seduced by this solution. According to the latest figures for 2021:

  • 2,725 stations would offer this fuel (i.e. 30% of the national network, and +18% of stations compared to 2020),
  • 135,000 vehicles petrol would be equipped with a box to run on E85 superethanol,
  • 10 million cars can potentially be equipped within the vehicle fleet.

How to benefit from this aid for the conversion to superethanol?

To benefit from this conversion aid, three conditions must be met:

  • reside in Ile-de-France,
  • own a vehicle that is more than two years old,
  • household income must not exceed three SMICs.
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