5 objects to have a greener home

Have you decided to adopt a more eco-responsible lifestyle? Know that preserving the planet and the environment requires simple actions to adopt on a daily basis. You can start with your home by choosing environmentally friendly products and appliances. To help you in this process, LeLynx.fr has selected 5 objects for you to have a greener home!

1/ A water saver for the tap

Between washing hands, brushing teeth, washing dishes or laundry, we consume a substantial amount of water on a daily basis. According to the Water Information Center (CIEAU), a person consumes on average more than 140 liters of water per day. So how do you avoid wasting this resource?

It’s simple : install a water saver on your faucet ! It is a small object that comes in the form of a mouthpiece and that is placed directly on the spout of your tap. It thus makes it possible to reduce the flow of water and considerably reduce your daily consumption. In total you can save up to 60% water.

Moreover, in addition to avoiding wasting this precious resource, the water saver also allows reduce the water bill of your accommodation. A product both ecological and economicalso !

Want to install a water saver on your tap? Count about ten euros.

2/ LED bulbs for more ecological consumption

LED bulbs have the advantage of being economical, ecological and sustainable. Indeed, these are lights of low consumption with a long life expectancy. Depending on the model, they can last nearly 15,000 hoursagainst approximately 5,000 hours for halogen bulbs and 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs. Installing LED bulbs in your home can make you save up to 90% energy compared to traditional lights.

Are you still hesitating? Here are the main advantages of LED bulbs:

  • They have a longer lifespan than other types of bulbs;
  • They have a higher light output than other types of lighting;
  • They give off little heat;
  • They do not contain toxic components such as lead and mercury;
  • They are easily recyclable.

3/ Bins to sort the different household waste

According to’ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), we produce nearly 350 kg of household waste each year. If this is still not the case, then it is high time to start recycling! Yes, we can never repeat it enough: it is important to properly sort your waste and separate the materials such as cardboard, plastic and glass. To do this, it is necessary to use different garbage cans in your home.

As a reminder, here are some gestures to carry out a good sorting:

  • Separate cardboard packaging;
  • Separate plastic packaging;
  • Separate the glasses by removing the corks well;
  • Separate metal cans;
  • Separate batteries, cartridges and bulbs and take them to a collection point.
Be careful, cardboard packaging that is too wet or too greasy is not recyclable. So throw them in the non-recyclable waste bin.

4/ A composter to recycle organic waste

To continue on the subject of recycling, why not install a composter for organic waste your house ? Know that a large part of our household waste is organic waste. Thus, this ecological object makes it possible to significantly reduce the contents of our garbage cans !

The principle is simple: organic waste decomposes in the composter and subsequently produces natural fertilizer. This can then be used for plants, for example.

woman composter

Here are some examples of compostable organic waste:

  • Eggshells (remember to crush them well before composting them);
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings;
  • Tea leaves;
  • Coffee grounds ;
  • Crumbled dry bread;
  • Leftover meals without meat, without fish and without sauce (pasta, rice, mashed potatoes, etc.).
You don’t have a garden and you live in a small space? Know that there are models of composters to put in your kitchen or on your balcony!

5/ A connected thermostat to control heating consumption

For some years, the home automation and connected objects have more and more success in our homes. These offer a true comfort and also allow you to significant electricity savings. So investing in a connected thermostat has both economic and environmental benefits.

man adjusting thermostat

Indeed, the connected thermostat has been designed to be controlled using an application via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It therefore allows you to manage your electricity consumption anywhere. Did you forget to turn off your heating when you left home? No problem, you can do it remotely via your smartphone! In addition, this type of device automatically adjusts the temperature of your home throughout the day.

Thanks to a connected thermostat, you can up to 15% savings on your annual energy bill. A benefit for your wallet and the planet!

Did you know ? With the MaPrimeR√©nov’ system, the State can pay you financial aid for the energy renovation of your home!

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