3 things to know about Avalanche (AVAX) before you seriously consider investing in this crypto – The ₿log

In 2021, Avalanche tripled its developer community

When a community of developers forms around a cryptocurrency project, they become one of its cornerstones. Avalanche’s developer community has grown threefold in one year, one is the fastest growing in the industry. Avalanche employs approximately 300 full-time software engineers. It is the fifth fastest growing full-time developer ecosystem.

These developers provide DApps, block explorers, bridges, and other tools that make it easier, faster, and cheaper to use what Avalanche has to offer. The recruitment shows that the project has a promising future.

Avalanche’s C-Chain is fully compatible with EVM

The C-Chain (C for Contract) is 100% compatible with the virtual machine from Ethereum (EVM). This implies that any DApp created using Solidity for Ethereum, as well as any Ethereum software, can run on Avalanche’s C-Chain.

The fact that EMV activity is maintained on a separate channel and not on a main channel is what makes this technique so smart. If the EVM program has a vulnerability, bugs, or is exploited by malicious developers, the risk is reduced for Avalanche. C-Chain is compatible with Metamask.

Quality partnerships

Apart from the Rush program and the Blizzard Fundssizeable partnerships have been announced, notably Circle, which now issues USDC on Avalanche, indicating that they are considering expanding and improving the chain and its DeFi ecosystem.

Also, the best oracles of Chain link are now available on Avalanche.

Deloitte has associated with Avalanche. She wants to use blockchain to help local communities manage FEMA’s emergency aid to the United States in the event of a natural disaster. We also cite the initiative Starting path which is a collaboration between Mastercard and Avalanche.

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