3 reasons why Ripple (XRP) is one of the best cryptocurrencies for 2022

Ripple’s blockchain is scalable

We often highlight Solana and its network that can support a large number of transactions simultaneously. The speed of transactions is indeed a crucial element for the adoption of a cryptocurrency.

In this sense, Ripple is competitive against the other cryptocurrencies that make the top 10 of the CoinMarketCap ranking.

#XRP #Ripple was at 1500 TPS and for quite some time now moved to 50,000 TPS 😉 no one is doing better right now.

According to Ripple, its cross-border payment network consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second (TPS). Additionally, it would only take about four seconds for payments to settle. Additionally, the network can handle up to 50,000 TPS. This is a figure that approximates the performance of credit card operators.

Solana, on the other hand, processes around 2000 transactions per second. Its network can process 65,000 transactions per second.

XRP is thus capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. This is crucial for the development of its long-term value and makes it an attractive investment.

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The price of XRP is low

While the Bitcoin is trading at over $38,000, XRP is worth less than $1 as of April 19. Although less rare, XRP has a low price. Small investors who want to acquire cryptos in large numbers in this sector are looking for cryptos with high potential that are cheap in value.

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In this regard, XRP is one of the best. Unlike other sub-dollar tokens that have no intrinsic value, XRP is inexpensive and accessible, and it gains value through adoption. This makes it an ideal cryptocurrency to hold a large amount of tokens.

Ripple will benefit from a more favorable regulatory environment

For a long time, the regulatory climate has been anti-crypto. But now that the market is spreading, several countries like the United States and the Russia put in place new laws to regulate cryptos. Canada has already launched since 2021 Crypto ETFss.

This more favorable regulatory environment is a positive signal for the whole market, but especially for Ripple which is already collaborating with reputable financial institutions such as the Santander bank or the American Express credit card operator.

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