2021 results: Diot-Siaci growing

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The Diot-Siaci group records a first consolidated financial year in growth with a 2021 turnover up by nearly 9%. The entire business of the broker is increasing.

Operational since last year, the new Diot-Siaci group announces growth figures for its first consolidated financial year. Thus, for the year 2021, the broker reports gross turnover of €728m in 2021 compared to €669m pro-forma in 2020, i.e. an increase of 8.9%. ” Activity in the 2021 financial year was marked by the combined effects of strong internal growth and a few acquisitions in France and Switzerland. More than two-thirds of the group’s overall growth comes from organic growth “Said Diot-Siaci in a press release.

The group also indicates that gross turnover generated outside France (Europe and the rest of the world) is up by nearly 11% and which represents a third of the Group’s total activity, “with a good dynamic in Switzerland and in China”.

All entities in the green

As for Diot-Siaci Corporate Solutions, the Property and Casualty and Transport BU recorded overall gross revenue of 398 million euros, “up 12.5%, driven by strong growth in all its branches”, specifies Diot-Siaci.

On the side of Diot-Siaci Crédit, the entity dedicated to credit insurance, sureties and financing, saw its turnover increase by 16% to nearly 40 million euros. “Similarly, the “specialties” department, which covers the risks of regulated professions, affinity lines, reinsurance and captives, shows an increase of more than 20% to 46M euros”then completes the broker.

Concerning the social protection and advice division (PSC), the latter’s gross turnover increased by 5% to 165 million euros, thanks in particular to strong production in collective health. “In addition, in a difficult global health context in 2021, MSH, the subsidiary dedicated to covering people on the move internationally, is doing more than resist”, then indicates the broker. The entity thus recorded growth in its turnover of nearly 10% to 106 million euros.

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