Motorhome insurance: 3 simple tips to save before the summer holidays!

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Finding cheap motorhome insurance for summer vacations can be tricky. However, it is essential and obligatory. How to combine interesting coverage and low prices? Select the essential guarantees for your motorhome Only the civil liability guarantee is compulsory for driving a motorhome. However, it only covers damage that you may … Read more

Cardano (ADA): News Hebdo – Analysis – Price prediction for the crypto ADA

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Cardano was designed to evolve similarly to Ethereum, as a blockchain that runs smart contracts. Due to its superior scalability, high fees, and high transaction underperformance, it is ranked as the second largest cryptocurrency. Cardano (ADA) price: what is the current price? Here is the live price of Cardano. Cardano’s … Read more

“The Mutuelle générale has serious assets to promote with the reform of the PSC”

The managing director of the fourth French mutual defends the values ​​of solidarity of LMG and its original strategy on services. It highlights its skills to impose itself in the future landscape of the complementary social protection of civil servants. Interview by François Limoge and Nicolas Thouet. The Argus of insurance. How to explain the … Read more

The president of the IMF fires red balls on crypto: “Stable crypto-currencies are a pyramid system”. | Christine Lagarde, IMF

The subject of crypto-currencies has been one of the most recurrent in recent days. More and more regulators, institutions and central banks are talking about these types of assets and the outlook is not as positive as expected. Recently, the President, Christine Lagarde, of the International Monetary Fund in a meeting held on Monday assured … Read more

EOS and Sauber team up to design polymer parts

In the motor racing and Formula 1 sectors, additive manufacturing is gradually becoming an essential technology. So much so that partnerships between teams and 3D printing experts follow one another. This time, it is the manufacturer of 3D printers EOS, specialized in metal and polymer industrial additive manufacturing, and the company Sauber Technologies, member of … Read more

Monkey pox: Spain, the most affected country in the world, orders vaccines and drugs against Monkeypox

After Germany and Belgium, Spain, the country most affected in the world by the virus, is taking its precautions. the Monkeypox gradually settles. As of Wednesday, 19 countries have declared at least one case. And theSpain seems to be the most affected country in the world by the monkeypox (61 confirmed cases). The fault lies … Read more